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This site is set up to give bespoke Channelled Healings and Animal Communication (telepathic) sessions for your beloved Animal Companions. Or a Channeled Healing for yourself!We, Christine and Nicola, have been helping Animals through Healing and Animal Communication for many years.
We truly enjoy helping in this way as it is a deep and effective way of healing for your loved one.
Note: All Channelled Healings and Animal Communication are done remotely, via distance.
They all work in exactly the same way as in person :-)
See below for further information:How does a Channelled Healing work?What is Telepathic Animal Communication?Benefits of Channelled Healing by Distance

Nicola & christine

How does a Healing work?

Source (Spirit) Energy is channeled through each of us for each Healing. Thus it is unique for each Being.Loving Spirit 'channels' through us - this means they are doing the healing through us.
Their essence has the effect of moving our body, particularly our hands, in certain techniques and ways, as they work intricately in your beloved's mind-body system (electrical field).
Because Spirit comes through with loving intent for healing, they know exactly what they are doing in relation to all aspects of the Healing.
We merely step aside to remain a clear channel for the Healing of your loved one.
Mind is Cause, and the body is an effect of the mind. Therefore when mind is healed, the body's healing naturally follows suit. The Mind is healed when it is aligned with Love.The channeled movements release blockages in the mind-body of your beloved.
The healing realigns the Individual and allows energy to flow unencumbered through their system.
Many times, Spirit will go straight to the areas where an issue is - that is unbeknown to us, but you or your beloved is already aware of.No information is needed, as Spirit knows exactly where and what is needed at that time.It is a fascinating and peaceful process.Please see Video Samples for a great visual of what takes place during a Channelled Healing.Please see Experiences for examples of Healing and Testimonials.

Can they feel it happening?

Animal Companions love this process and have no problem feeling what is happening during the healing. They are always open to Healing.You will notice they have a peace and a calmness during the session, and they usually love to settle down, relax and enjoy the loving energies while the Healing is taking place.It is a passion of both of ours to help our Animal Sisters and Brothers in this way, and we love to share this unique and wonderful Channeled Healing with them and you.For more about us see here.

What is Telepathic Animal Communication?

Telepathic Animal Communication is where we connect with your Animal Companion telepathically. We relay any thoughts, feelings or messages that they would like to share with you.This is very helpful for both you and your Companion, as it may open your heart and mind to certain things you may not be aware of, or confirm things also.It is very healing and helps bring peace, as Communication brings understanding.It is very enjoyable!Please see Experiences and Testimonials

Book a Healing or animal communication

Complete these steps first:

Choose the service you would like.Animal Channelled Healing
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○ Human (Guardian) Healing
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Fill out the Contact Form here and click send.Make payment with the account details here, using your first name as a reference in payment.You will receive confirmation of the day we have scheduled for your animal healing or communication session after payment has been received.


After the Healing Session or Animal Communication has taken place, you will be contacted within 24 hours via email. You will receive an attached audio mp3 file explaining what occured during the session (either Healing notes or the Animal Companion communications).(They are usually scheduled within the week, dependent on payment having been processed. If you are unable to be scheduled for that week, you will be notified of the next available day scheduled for your session)

Payment Details for your Country

Below are the Countries that we can receive payment from. Click on the Country Name that you reside in to receive the account details to make payment into.
*Please use first name only as a reference when making the payment.
New Zealand
United Kingdom (Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland)

Video 1

This is Poppy, a very dear older Cat. This is part of a Channelled Holographic Healing Session that Poppy thoroughly loved and relaxed into:)
** Note the Channelled Hand movements are very fast in places therefore the video does not always pick it up so clearly:)

Video 2

This is Christine doing a Channeled Holographic Healing with Wonderful Tinkerbell. This is a small part of the Healing. You will notice Tinkerbell is yawning and this is an example of a wonderful sign of release:)

Healing and Animal Communication Testimonials and Experiences


MIMI (cat):

Nicola and Christine's assessment was very accurate and illuminating into my cat's life.They addressed a lot of issues I have been concerned about without even prompting and really resonated with me.After the healing service, I could tell my cat is more healthy, relax, loving, understanding and calm.Nicola and Christine are very thorough and caring. Their communication with my cat gave me a lot of relief and comfort.Nicola and Christine are great animal healers and communicators. I would highly recommend them to anyone who loves and cares for their pets to try out their service.Best regards,
Foomay, U.S.A

DOMINO (cat):

Nicola and Christine just did a healing for my new kitten Domino! He had some inappropriate behaviors (including pooping in the wrong spots).
Domino was relaxed and in a calm peaceful state for the entire 2 hours of the healing.
Since the healing, Domino has not pooped on the floor and we were able to receive messages thru Nicola and Christine to address this and other behaviors specifically.
If you have a pet that needs some love, healing or light, I invite you to try a channeled energy healing through Nicola and Christine! So much value to the quality of life of my pets and my family!
Whatcha waiting for...
Brittany T, New Jersey, U.S.A


Tinkerbelle was in deep pain on both front legs due to an abcess in her front left leg. Before the healing, an abcess was just starting to show at the back of her leg; just above the hoof.After the energy healing started, Tinkerbelle started pointing to the front part of her hoof, like she could feel something happening in there.Then the abcess popped in front of us, in the front part of the hoof where the coronary band is. It gave Tinkerbelle instant relief and she started walking normally again.Also, the abcess had moved from the back of the hoof to the front within a minute. This also happens to be a much safer exit point.Christine, Northland, New Zealand

BELLA, AUTO AND BRAVE (cats and dog):

We have SOOOOOOO appreciated you being there for us this year, with Bella's passing, Stephy's sick cats, Auto's disappearing stints, Brave's cancer and passing, e.t.c, e.t.c, e.t.c!You both are a blessing in our lives, and we cannot thank you enough for your willingness to be there, at our time of deep stress.Thank you for sharing your precious gifts with the World (and us). Sending love, light, peace and Joy to you both!...Christine H, Rodney, New Zealand.

COMET (horse):

I am so grateful for both experiences. It has also given us great understanding of some of the behaviours he has exhibited, which we can now respond to calmly, and with compassion rather than irritation, confusion or helplessness.I would not hesitate to reccommend her work to anyone who is interested.Jessica D, Northland, New Zealand.


I just wanted to say a huge thank you for coming to see us yesterday and devoting your day to us.It was so lovely to see you, and we all three have benefited so much. Cuddles is so much more relaxed, had such a great night, is purring again at the drop of a hat like he used to before Molly, and didn't go for her this morning like he usually does.Molly seems less anxious, and had a good no hiding day. And I had the first night in bed for years without any pain in my left knee. Quite remarkable!...I am feeling quite bright right now...so I am just so grateful to you.You are a true healer, and you have a real gift, both with animals and humans. Bless your heart you are an angel.Justine, Whangaparoa, Auckland, New Zealand.

Animal Communications:


I have a Labrador Retriever whom I had to leave in South America when I returned to N.Z...Nicola gave me information which only my dog and I know of.
She gave me many examples of what we had encountered over there, which proves her honesty and reliability. I would vouch for her anyway.
Brian McMurray, Auckland, N.Z

ALASH (Dog):

I read Alash Communication, that is amazing, all of them true. I cannot believe when I ask to people ' What do you think about Alash?', they say exactly the same thing as below!:-)Yeliz K, Istanbul, Turkey.


Thank you for your wonderful and uncanny communications from my two chinchillas! I was impressed with your accuracy and the insight that was provided.Annalise, N.Z


Thank you so much Christine! That was eerie! I feel at peace..Estelle T, Scotland.

LAUREN'S 'Menagerie':

...All of them (Communications) spot on...From knowing what went on while a dog was re-homed to how a cat felt about shifting house..has given us wonderful insight into our beloved pets... From healing..right down to things mentioned at the time that we didn't understand - but happened months later!.. you'll never look at your pet the same way.Lauren, Auckland, N.Z

Contact Us

If you would like to message us, please use the contact form below, and we will respond as soon as we are able. Click here for more about us.


A little about myself: I have always been passionate about animals (our Brothers and Sisters) since I was little, and nature. Having grown up on a farm, they were and are my great teachers.
I have experience in different fields such as Animal Communication, Channeling, Energy Healing, Animal Homeopathy, and Natural Resource Management.I am now choosing to focus on my love of Animal Healing. I really enjoy connecting with healing guides and our galactic family to channel through the channeled holographic healings.I also enjoy Gardening, and am blessed with my beloveds and love nothing more than going on walks in nature together.


With my sister, I grew up on a farm and loved being with our sisters and brothers in Nature.
We had a variety of experiences with them and we loved to help them.
They have brought a lot of joy, peace, and balance to my life.
Growing up, I enjoyed connecting with them telepathically, here and in spirit.
I am so grateful for all the loving ways they have taught me. I have had wonderful spiritual experiences with them along the way.
I have experience with Animal Communication, Channelling, Healing, Zoopharmacognosy (Animal Self Medication - Practitioner), Animal Care (Farm/Companion Sitting) and Herbs for Natural Health.I love working with Spirit and our Galactic Family and experiencing their Wonderful Channeled Holographic Healings coming through to Heal.We are both passionate about true Ethical welfare and care and equality of our Sisters and Brothers.They give so freely to us all, and are our Incredible Guides and Teachers!


Paddy and Izzy (Isabella): Amazing Possum Friends.

Benefits of Distance Healing

All Channelled Energy Healings occur remotely via Distance.
Only in particular situations, will they occur in person.
During the healing, we act as a 'template' for your beloved companion. This means that the Holographic work is Channelled through in the same way as it is in person.We will also feel all the feelings, sensations, and releases that occur during the Channelled Healing.
Your Companion will feel the Healing taking place at exactly the same time as the Healing is underway at our end.


The same excellent Healing results occur through Distance, regardless of your location. Time and Distance are no obstacle at all to the same Wonderful Healing Results.
We become very centered during the Healing, as we undertake the Healing in a quiet and peaceful location.
We can relate more about the Healing afterwards, and will send you information pertaining to the Healing Session.
Your Animal Companion does not have to travel. They can stay at home, where they feel most comfortable and safe.
With these transformative times, distance healings can reduce contact for any who have concerns about this, knowing the Healing will still be occuring.
You save on Travel associated costs.

New Zealand Payment Details

Account Name : J.RogersAccount Number : 02-1245-0620421-001*Please remember to place your first name in the payment reference

Contact Form Required:

This contact form is for the request of an Animal/Human healing or Animal Communication.Please place ALL of the information required for your chosen service (see below) within the 'Message' section of the Contact form below.
** By giving us all the information we require below, it avoids us playing email tag with you so we can focus more on the Healing or Animal Communication itself ♡.
Animal Healing♡ Name of Animal Companion.
♡ Species of Animal.
♡ Country your Animal Companion resides in.
♡ Country you reside in.
♡ Any Area you may want a focus on (although Channeled Spirit always heals where needed anyway:)).
♡ Where did you find out about us?
Animal Communication♡ Name of Animal.
♡ Species of Animal.
♡ Photo of Animal (You can send us a photo if you like, but you do not have to).
♡ Country your Animal Companion resides in.
♡ Country you reside in.
♡ Any Questions you want to ask your Animal Companion.
(*Up to 5 questions).
* We always let them speak first to pass on what they would like to communicate to you, THEN we ask your questions).
♡ Where did you find out about us?
[Human (Guardian) Healing♡ Name of Human (first name only required).
♡ Gender (Female/Male)
♡ Country you reside in.
♡ Any Area you may want a focus on (although Channeled Spirit always heals where needed anyway:))
♡ Where did you find out about us?

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Terms and Conditions

Our Cancellation and Refunds Policy:All sales are final. There are no refunds for any reason. You can only change the date of your requested service once, and this must fit in with our schedule.In the event that we have to cancel a Healing or Animal Communication, fees will be refunded in full.No refund or credit note is available if you get a Healing or Animal Communication and are not satisfied with its content or how it is presented.Booking Terms & Conditions:You must be at least 20 years old to receive a Healing or Animal Communication.We are not responsible for any loss due to the cancellation of any Healings or Animal Communication.We reserve the right to change the facilitator of any of our Healings or Animall Communication.We reserve the right to refuse a client intending to purchase/ obtain any of our services, or who has already purchased any of our services, if we feel that in our judgment a person is found to be unsuitable and it would not be in the best interest of the client/s for them to continue with the service.Current NZ law obliges us to state that all demonstrations given are for educational and entertainment purposes only.No liability is accepted for:Loss or damage to property during any of our online communications or audio file communications.Losses or additional expenses due to delays or any other cause.Inability to communicate due to a participant’s internet connection or faulty computer and associated hardware.Everyone should take personal responsibility for themselves. Purchase or Donation of any of our Services offered are at the participants’ own risk without liability on the part of us.Recordings:For Services given, where it is specified that the information will be sent via an audio or video recording - a link to either the video or audio recording will be emailed to all those who book and purchase that said Service. This recording is unedited.The content of all of our video and audio recordings is our sole copyright and must not be used for public reasons.Any public use of our video and audio recordings is a breach of Copyright Law.Payments:Payment can be made through the Payment options given.Please book as far ahead as possible for our Services to avoid disappointment.To reserve a place for any of our Services, payment must be made in full at the time of the booking online.To book one of our online Services, you must provide an email address. This is because without your email address, we may not be able to process your booking.

Privacy Policy

IntroductionA Miracle of Light complies with the New Zealand Privacy Act 2020 when dealing with personal information.Personal information is information about an identifiable individual (a natural person).This policy sets out how we will collect, use, disclose and protect your personal information.This policy does not limit or exclude any of your rights under the Act. If you wish to seek further information on the Act, see www.privacy.org.nz.Changes to this PolicyWe may change this policy by uploading a revised policy onto the website. 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Service Payment

Animal Healing
Donation requested (what ever you feel happy with).
[Human (Guardian) Healing
Donation requested (whatever you feel happy with).
Animal Communication
If you reside in:
U.K 》 60 £
Europe 》 60 €
U.S.A 》 60 U.S $
Australia 》 60 A.U $
New Zealand 》 60 N.Z $


Animal communications are provided for guidance only and are subject to your own interpretation. We do not guarantee any particular results/outcomes, or that the communication will satisfy you.We will not diagnose medical issues.What you decide to do with the info given during the Animal Communication is up to you.We have no liability for your actions in regards to an Animal Communication from us.Any answers we give to you in response to your questions should not be regarded as legal, financial, psychological, medicinal or specialist professional advice.Animal natural health therapists, Behaviouralists, vets and other alternative health services each have their own roles to play in their particular fields.PUT translation of George's page here****

These are our majestic brothers and sisters from Iceland on their wild and pure home range.